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The Ovada adjustable downlights feature a sleek, attractive design, offering the ability to maintain precise control over the protective angle of the light.  The Ovada is the perfect choice for use in the most demanding architechtural environments.

  • 13w, 18w and 26w 4000K LED
  • 30° back and forth beam angle
  • 355° revolving angle
  • Easy to fit magnetic trim to IP65
  • Dimable available on request
  • Dimensions: Ø 115, 140 and 167mm respectively
  • Cut out sizes:  Ø 100, 125 and 150mm respectively

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Part Number Product Name Qty
ex. VAT
A100/13/40 Ovada 13W 1100lm LED Downlight
A125/18/40 Ovada 18W 1500lm LED Downlight
A150/26/40 Ovada 26W 2200lm LED Downlight
P01/001 IP65 white trim for A100
P01/002 IP65 white trim for EF125
P01/003 IP65 white trim for EF150
Specifications for all associated products
Part Number Weight KG Watts IP Rating Width (mm) Depth (mm) Diameter (mm)
A100/13/40 0.5100 13W IP65 (with trim) 140 167 115
A125/18/40 0.8700 18W IP65 (with trim) 140 167 115
A150/26/40 1.5000 26W IP65 (with trim) 140 167 115
P01/001 1.0000 26W IP65 (with trim) 140 167 115
P01/002 1.0000 26w IP65 (with trim) 167 232 140
P01/003 1.0000 26w IP65 (with trim) 167 232 140