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Biscari Ring Pendant

The Biscari is an modern LED pendant light suitable for a myriad of applications. Available in 2 different sizes. Available in White, Grey, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Rust colours. Black by default.


  • 36w and 54w
  • Available in 3000K or 4000k
  • CRI 80
  • Extruded Aluminium
  • DALI dimming options
  • Built to order

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Part Number Product Name Qty
ex. VAT
500-0027 Biscari Ring Pendant 36w 5220lm 3000K 650mm
500-0028 Biscari Ring Pendant 54w 7830lm 3000K 950mm
500-0029 Biscari Ring Pendant 39w 5640lm 4000K 650mm
500-0030 Biscari Ring Pendant 56w 7830lm 4000K 950mm
Specifications for all associated products
Part Number Weight KG Watts IP Rating Depth (mm) Diameter (mm)
500-0027 0.0000 36W IP20 85 650
500-0028 0.0000 54W IP20 85 950
500-0029 0.0000 39W IP20 85 650
500-0030 0.0000 56W IP20 85 950
File Name Download Link
Biscari Ring Pendant 35w Photometric Data  Download
Biscari Ring Pendant 52w Photometric Data  Download

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