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Anelli LED Pendant

At last, an amazing way to make a lasting impression with the new Anelli luminaire. Help your clients build a bespoke statement by adding different sized rings to make almost any cylindrical shape possible.


  • Available in 8 diameters
  • Warm white light 3000K
  • Aluminium
  • Dimming option available
  • Power supply not included
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Built to order


NOTE: For a full quotation for your configuration, please call one of our consultants to discuss.

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Part Number Product Name Qty
ex. VAT
500-0006 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 30cm 828lm 3000K
500-0007 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 40cm 1105lm 3000K
500-0008 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 50cm 1381lm 3000K
500-0009 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 80cm 2210lm 3000K
500-0010 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 115cm 3177lm 3000K
500-0011 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 135cm 3730lm 3000K
500-0012 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 145cm 4006lm 3000K
500-0013 Anelli LED Pendant Ring 150cm 4144lm 3000K
Specifications for all associated products
Part Number Weight KG Watts IP Rating Diameter (mm)
500-0006 1.0000 10.5W IP20 300
500-0007 1.0000 14W IP20 400
500-0008 1.0000 17W IP20 500
500-0009 1.0000 28W IP20 800
500-0010 1.0000 40W IP20 1150
500-0011 1.0000 47W IP20 1350
500-0012 1.0000 50W IP20 1450
500-0013 1.0000 51W IP20 1500